Savoury Rice Dumpling

Savoury Rice Dumpling

Recipe for Savory Rice Dumpling


Ingredients A

Ingredients D

Glutinous rice kg Black-eyed pea (soaked) 300  g
Salt tsp Salted egg yokes (half) 15  pcs
Sugar tbsp Salt and Pepper to taste

Pepper tsp

Oil tbsp

Ingredients B ( Mixed well) Other (Boiled Until soft)
Pork Collar Cube 30  pcs Bamboo Leaves 300  g
Sugar tbsp Strings

Salt tsp

Five-Spice Powder half  tsp

Pepper to taste

Ingredients C (Boiled until soft) Seasoning
Chinese Mushrooms 30  pcs Salt tbsp
Oyster sauce tbsp

Broth cup

Salt and Pepper to taste

Method :

  1. Soak glutinous rice for 3 hours, drain and mix with the rest of Ingredients A.
  2. Put some glutinous rice, Ingredients B, C and D on bamboo leaves, wrap up and tie up with string.
  3. Put Seasoning in half pot of water in a pressure cooker, bring to a boil. Add dumpings and cover to cook until the 2nd red ring appears.
  4. Reduce to low heat and cook for 45 minutes. Turn off the heat to let the Indicator go down by itself. Remove, drain and serve.

Tip :

Remove the cooked dumplings immediately after done, as the brine will made the rice saltier and soggier.


English Version

材料 A

材料 D

糯米 公斤 眉豆 (浸水)) 300 
茶匙 咸蛋黄 (切半) 15 
汤匙 盐和胡椒粉
胡椒粉 茶匙


材料 B   (拌均) 其他   (煮软)
五花肉丁 30  粽叶 300 
汤匙 粽绳


五香粉 半  茶匙


材料 C   (煮至软熟) 调味料
冬菇 30  汤匙
蚝油 汤匙



做法 :

  1. 将糯米浸3小时,沥干后拌入其余材料A。
  2. 将适量糯米, 材料B,材料C及材料D放在粽叶上,包好用绳子扎着。
  3. 将半锅水和调味料倒入气压锅内煮滚,放入粽子,盖着煮至第二格红线升上。
  4. 改用小火煮45分钟,熄火待针自动下降。取出沥干水份即可。

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